Svenskt Travderby september 7th 2014 (Gr. I Nat.)

ibrahim pascha

Jägersro race 10 (V75-6, DD-1, V5-4, Trifecta, Quinella)
KRAFFT Svenskt Travderby 2014 (Gr. I Nat.)
1:A PRIS 2 000 000 kr, 2640 A

Svenskt Travderby is one of the classics in harness racing in Sweden. Since 1930 this race at Jägersro track – is only open for Swedish bred 4-year-olds. In Sweden the horse is categorized a colt/filly throughout the 4-year-old-season.
And this is by far the biggest race for a 4-year-old in Sweden with a giant media-hype surrounding it. Of course it is a Gr.1 race. It is 2640 meters race, which is about two and a half rounds around the 1000 meter track. It is a great honour for a Swedish trainer to be able to get a horse through the eliminations for this race, and Svante Båth – trainer at Bergsåker track qualified four of the contenders this year.
The favourite to win this years Derby is hometrack trainer Lutfi Kolgjini´s freight-train of a horse – Archangel Am, who will like the distance – perhaps more than the others. However, speed is not his best discipline – and I won´t be too surprised if there will be another winner here.

1 VÄSTERBO FANTAST – Adielsson Erik/Trainer Svante Båth


Owner: Stall Fantast AB, Leksand
Breeder: Västerbo Stuteri AB, Heby
26 7-5-2 803 000 kr

2014 9 4-2-0 553 500 kr
2013 17 3-3-2 249 500 kr

2014 15,6M 11,4aM
2013 16,2M 13,4aM

Leaves fast enough behind the gate to get a good position. If intelligent driver Adielsson holds up the lead into the first turn, I guess there is only two horses in the race he wouldn´t park, and that is stablemate 3 Poochai and the favourite 4 Archangel Am. So, he will probably get a nice helmet and a railtrip. That means he has got a shot at the big prize here.


2 IVAR SÅNNA – Uhrberg Thomas/Trainer Jan Hellstedt



Owner: Happy People Racing AB, Tranås
Breeder: Happy People Racing AB, Tranås
26 7-5-1 1 232 110 kr

2014 10 3-1-0 502 610 kr
2013 16 4-4-1 729 500 kr

2014 15,9L 11,5aM
2013 18,3M 12,3aK

Looked real good in the elimination, perfect post and an excellent driver. Leaves not so fast but will keep his second lane and won´t get into too much trouble from this post. My guess is that he ends up 4th horse in second lane. Thomas Uhrberg has to wish for overpace at the front so he can use Ivar Sånna´s speed to make up some ground at the homestretch. I believe it might be hard for him too win here.


3 POOCHAI – Kihlström Örjan/Trainer Svante Båth



Owner: Roxy Horses KB, Färila
Breeder: Norberg Leif, Färila
24 8-7-2 2 246 800 kr

2014 10 3-3-0 1 289 300 kr
2013 9 3-2-2 707 500 kr
2012 5 2-2-0 250 000 kr

2014 16,6M 11,4aK
2013 13,0K 13,6aM
2012 16,9K 14,8aK

Was a bit impressing in the elimination from a difficult post. Real good post now. Leaves pretty fast and Kihlström is one of the best drivers. Ever. My guess is that he let Bergh, Kolgjini and Lindblom pass him early on, stay calm as third horse in second lane, and let the others do the hard work – until he tries to speed them down just before the wire.


4 ARCHANGEL AM – Kolgjini Lutfi

archangel am


Owner: Tommy Nilsson Holding AB&St. Behåll AB
Breeder: Am Bloodstock AB, Halmstad
16 9-1-0 902 000 kr

2014 10 7-1-0 860 000 kr
2013 6 2-0-0 42 000 kr

2014 12,9aL
2013 15,0M

Kolgjini has got the strongest horse and he is the favourite to win, aims for an early lead and will keep the tempo up the rest of the race. If he is at his best, he will probably win – but, there is a few “but” here. Kolgjini´s barn hasn´t been successful lately. Plus that this driver often is too offensive for his own good. The horse sometimes have gaitproblems and speed isn´t his best dicipline. I advise to check him out in the warm-ups before making your decision in this race. If he looks fine he will be hard to beat for the others. If not, I think he will be a bad favourite,


5 BANDIT HORNLINE – Bergh Robert



Owner: Sagobo AB, Stockholm
Breeder: AB Hornline, Västervik
31 4-6-3 924 700 kr

2014 8 3-2-2 613 800 kr
2013 16 0-3-1 199 900 kr
2012 7 1-1-0 111 000 kr

2014 11,7aK
2013 14,6M 13,5aK
2012 16,9K 14,6aK

Bergh´s horse leaves fast behind the gate, and might try for an early lead. I will be a bit surprised if he gets it – my guess is that he will probably be parked outside by Adielsson. So, he will be happy for the helmet of Lindblom we he comes along three wide. Trainer Bergh have won this race three times, but I don´t think he will this year.


6 SAUVEUR – Lindblom Åke



Owner: Hammab AB, Örebro
Breeder: Adler Hans, Nossebro
8 6-0-1 465 000 kr

2014 8 6-0-1 465 000 kr

2014 15,3M 11,8aM 13,7aL

I am so happy to see this trainer in the Derby. Ake “Gold-Tooth” Lindblom is a great horseman. He adores his horses, and they seems to adore him. He runs a small barn and this is his first performance in this race. He claims to have the best horse in the race and that he will win. Well, he usually sounds like this – but this time he might be right. Sauveur was really impressing in the elimination. Three wide first turn, and then parked outside the favourite. He looked strong the whole race and crushed the leader and kept everyone behind him at the homestretch. Lindblom will probably be offensive here and if the favourite having a bad day, he might show a shiny gold-tooth in the winner´s circle.


7 NIMBUS C.D. – Nordström Per



Owner: Trav 1609 AB (publ), Staffanstorp
Breeder: Satrell Anders, Bro
24 8-7-2 929 500 kr

2014 10 2-3-1 364 500 kr
2013 14 6-4-1 565 000 kr

2014 12,1aK
2013 15,4M 11,0aK

He was one of the best 3-year-olds last year. Leaves real fast behind the gate. From this post that might give him some trouble, if he doesn´t get an early lead and then seek for a good helmet. My guess is that he won´t be able to pass everyone on the inside – and then have to back down to get a railtrip among the last horses. If driver Nordström don´t use speed in the beginning, and saving that for the homestretch – he might pick up a check.

8 VÄSTERBO LOVEBOAT – Ohlsson Ulf/Trainer Svante Båth



Owner: Olof Brodin Chartering AB, Sollentuna
Breeder: Västerbo Stuteri AB, Heby
23 13-1-3 1 372 000 kr

2014 8 3-1-2 323 000 kr
2013 9 5-0-0 529 000 kr
2012 6 5-0-1 520 000 kr

Draw the worst post here. He looked real good in the elimination though, and if he gets a bit lucky with the trip at the same time as the best horses having a bad day – he is good enough to win. At the elimination he had shoes on his backfeet, all barefoot this time! Exotic toss.

2014 11,7aK 12,9aL
2013 13,3aM
2012 16,5K 14,0aK


9 RECKLESS – Goop Olle/Trainer Björn Goop


Owner: Byggnads AB Husaren & Stall Goop AB
Breeder: Goop Annika, Kil
16 6-3-1 618 200 kr

2014 10 4-2-0 484 500 kr
2013 6 2-1-1 133 700 kr

2014 13,7aM
2013 15,2M 15,5aM

Seniorchampion Olle Goop isn´t as good driver as he once was – but seeks the helmet of Adielsson here, and that will give him a nice railtrip. If he gets out at the homestretch he might get them. It is not a bad horse. Exotic toss.


10 MAVERICK MAN – Takter Johnny/Trainer Svante Båth

Maverick Man segerdefilering


Owner: C-O Dahls Sanerings AB, m fl (Båth S)
Breeder: Ericson Christer, Ekerö
11 6-2-1 564 000 kr

2014 8 3-2-1 409 000 kr
2013 3 3-0-0 155 000 kr

2014 14,4L 12,1aM
2013 14,4M

One of the most interesting horses in the race. First time with out shoes+removeable earplugs! This horse started out his career at Åke Svanstedt and has always showed a good spirit to win, but sometimes his head want more than his legs can take. He´s been better and better, and if the barefoot thing turns out well for him he might be dangerous for anyone here. Big outsider warning!


11 DOMINATOR – Untersteiner Johan/Trainer Björn Goop



Owner: Stall Kennys Andelshästar 25
Breeder: Thomas Persson Finans AB, Stockholm
8 5-2-1 385 000 kr

2014 6 3-2-1 320 000 kr
2013 2 2-0-0 65 000 kr

2014 16,2M 13,1aM
2013 16,3M

This well-bred stallion from the Goop Stable was good in the elimination. This post position might gravel his road to stardom this time though. Only a longshot here.


12 TIBERIUS F. – Söderkvist Stefan/Trainer Helena Burman

tiberius f.


Owner: Falkbolagen AB, Malmö

Breeder: Falk Göran, Klågerup
28 1-4-3  1 269 777 kr

2014 11 0-2-1 214 871 kr
2013 12 1-1-1 904 906 kr
2012 5 0-1-1 150 000 kr

2014 15,0M 11,6aM
2013 16,7M 11,9aK
2012 18,5K 14,4aK

Only one win in his career so far doesn´t sound very impressive. I like this one though, he won the breeders crown from a bad post as a three-year-old. Trainer Helena Burman sounds positive about his chances – and this is the race they have been waiting for. Watch out.


Derbywinners through the years:
2013 Mosaique Face Lutfi Kolgjini 1.12,4 16,40
2012 Pato Peter Ingves 1.12,8 3,35
2011 Beau Mec Torbjörn Jansson 1.13,6 11,12
2010 Joke Face Erik Adielsson 1.13,6 4,77
2009 Maharajah Örjan Kihlström 1.12,8 2,08
2008 Sahara Dynamite Jorma Kontio 1.13,6 1,93
2007 Commander Crowe Johnny Takter 1.14,2 2,36
2006 Colombian Necktie Thomas Uhrberg 1.14,7 21,98
2005 Conny Nobell Björn Goop 1.14,7 2,64
2004 Gazza Degato Tom Horpestad 1.14,1 14,55
2003 Tsar d’Inverne Robert Bergh 1.14,4 4,56
2002 From Above Örjan Kihlström 1.14,9 2,67
2001 Hilda Zonett Robert Bergh 1.15,2 3,14
2000 S:t Göran Stig H Johansson 1.15,1 5,82
1999 Victory Tilly Stig H Johansson 1.14,9 1,64
1998 Jolly Rocket Per Lennartsson 1.14,2 2,33
1997 Remington Crown Robert Bergh 1.15,9 6,14
1996 Drewgi Åke Svanstedt 1.16,2 3,47
1995 Good as Gold Mats Rånlund 1.17,6 12,10
1994 Zenit F. Tommy Zackrisson 1.15,3 5,35
1993 Ina Scot Kjell P. Dahlström 1.14,9 1,38
1992 Utini Erik Berglöf 1.16,2 23,09
1991 Sans Rival Erik Berglöf 1.16,1 22,23
1990 Queen L. Stig H Johansson 1.16,7 3,57
1989 Frej Nalan Jim Frick 1.16,0 20,01
1988 Gaston Pride Per-Olof Pettersson 1.16,4 6,41
1987 Atom Knight Anders Lindqvist 1.15,6 15,95
1986 Jet Ribb Per-Erik Eriksson 1.16,8 3,59
1985 Big Spender Berth Johansson 1.16,7 1,81
1984 Big Star Stig H Johansson 1.16,4 2,47
1983 Micko Fripé Bo W. Takter 1.18,0 2,56
1982 Rex Håleryd Stig H Johansson 1.19,5 3,72
1981 Nino Blazing Stig H Nilsson 1.19,7 10,64
1980 Mustard Sören Nordin 1.18,9 1,35
1979 May Björn Sven-Gunnar Andersson 1.20,4 28,19
1978 Spinoon Olle Lindqvist 1.20,4 4,41
1977 Express Gaxe Gunnar Axelryd 1.19,7 1,87
1976 Cal Min Olle Lindqvist 1.20,9 4,69
1975 Opal H. Gunnar Nordin 1.20,2 1,79
1974 Grain Stig H. Johansson 1.20,5 2,08
1973 Pom Chips Sören Nordin 1.21,0 6,51
1972 Ocos Sören Nordin 1.20,9 1,60
1971 Najo Rune Johansson 1.22,2 5,05
1970 Segerstorp Comet Stig H. Johansson 1.22,8 74,36
1969 Galint Sören Nordin 1.22,2 1,98
1968 Björn Birger Bengtsson 1.22,5 5,40
1967 Guy Nibs Karl-Gösta Fylking 1.22,9 4,40
1966 Blixt Bruno Svensson 1.22,9 5,64
1965 Gavin Gösta Nordin 1.23,0 2,71
1964 Pecka Trickson Gunnar Nordin 1.23,5 1,70
1963 Sailor Gunnar Nordin 1.23,9 21,82
1962 Julienne Sören Nordin 1.26,2 1,32
1961 Stepdaughter Uno Swed 1,21.5 4,18
1960 Clementz Sören Nordin 1.24,3 1,89
1959 Locomite Gunnar Nordin 1,22.4 1,35
1958 Ilotar Sören Nordin 1.23,4 13,42
1957 Willburn Gunnar Nordin 1.25,9 3,69
1956 Architector Gunnar Nordin 1.23,1 13,45
1955 Smaragd Sören Nordin 1.24,9 1,75
1954 Codex Sören Nordin 1.23,4 1,24
1953 Gay Noon Gunnar Nordin 1,23.0 1,51
1952 Lola Will Gunnar Nordin 1.23,7 3,08
1951 Madame Song Sören Nordin 1.25,5 1,50
1950 Isa Will Olof Persson 1.26,3 32,42
1949 Presidenten Folke Bengtsson 1.24,1 2,24
1948 King Brodde Ture Persson 1.27,5 1,39
1947 Belle Day Sören Nordin 1.24,5 7,55
1946 Miss Scovere Gösta Nordin 1.27,1 5,66
1945 Hetty Gösta Nordin 1.23,7 11,72
1944 Fänrik Scott Carl A. Schoug 1.26,8 1,38
1943 Lime Abbey Gunnar Nordin 1.24,9 1,77
1942 Etawah Asa Hans Ringström 1.26,3 1,79
1941 Giant Killer Gösta Nordin 1.27,0 2,26
1940 Golden Wedding Sixten Lundgren 1.26,1 1,84
1939 Queen Nedworthy Ragnar Thorngren 1.25,6 6,01
1938 Respekt Hugo Andersson 1.26,4 5,03
1937 Rosenella Gösta Nordin 1.30,2 2,83
1936 Sassa Hanover Fritz Mahler 1.28,6 1,60
1935 Princess Hollyrood Oscar Persson 1.30,8 14,10
1934 Etta June Gotthard Ericsson 1.32,0 1,38
1933 Lorry Theodor Bilcik 1.29,6 1,77
1932 Fakir Sixten Lundgren 1.34,3 2,40
1931 Peter Spjuver Anton Fyhr 1.36,7 1,14
1930 Petersdotter Anton Fyhr 1.40,7 2,91
1929 Karina S Sophus Sörensen 1.41,6 1,34
1928 Ibrahim Pascha Sophus Sörensen 1.30,9 1,59


Sundsvall Open Trot 2014 – august 30

Sundsvall Open Trot (Gr I Int – UET Masters Series) – august,30 2014


So, it´s time for another Gr 1 International in Sweden. Saturday afternoon (swedish time) at Bergsåker 1000m track. This is classical ground for harness racing and horsemen in Sweden. The track opened in 1932. Twenty years ago, this was the hometrack of champion Ake Svanstedt. Today, the king bee among the trainers here is Robert Bergh. Fact is, Bergh has yet not won the tracks biggest race, Sundsvall Open Trot. It is not impossible he will bring that missing victory to his barn this year. Ed You & Nahar is two of the top contenders here. The track has no openstretch (passing lane) and the home stretch is 212m.

at Bergsåker track, Sundsvall – Sweden lopp 11 (V75-7,V5-5, DD-2, Quinella)

1:A PRIS 1 000 000, 2140 A

1 QUID PRO QUO s. 5 Adielsson Erik (Båt Sv)

Leaves fast behind the gate, and gets a nice railtrip from this post. Did really well in Åby Stora Pris two weeks ago, even if he got crushed by Commander Crowe in the third heat. How that third heat at Åby have affected him one can only guess, but he might not be the same horse for some time.

2 SANITY g. 8 Haugstad Kenneth (Löf Ma)

Did well in France last winter. Has not been too great so far this year in Sweden. Needs to be a lot better to win here.

3 ORECCHIETTI s. 7 Kihlström Örjan (Hul St)

He was my first pick in Hugo Åbergs Memorial but made an early break then. I guess he will be in the photo here from this good post and with this excellent driver he is one of the top contenders. The Hultman barn hasn´t been going too well lately though.

4 UP DATE HOSS* (FI) s. 8 Karhulahti Ville (Joh SH)

Showed some good spirit in his last race. A bit of a “lightweight” driver this time though, if you ask me. Might be a longshot candidate for those who is looking for a sensational winner.

5 ED YOU g. 7 Jansson Torbjörn (Ber Ro)

This horse is a true fighter. He won The Hugo Åbergs Memorial last month and I dont think trainer Bergh had the easiest choice about which one to drive here. He is one of the top contenders here, for sure.

6 JULIANO RAGS* (NO) s. 6 Braekken Noralf

I really like this Norwegian horse. He nearly won the second heat in Åby Stora Pris and he will seek revenge here.

7 NAHAR g. 9 Bergh Robert

This one is a champ. Last years winner of the Elitlopp is Robert Berghs pick here. He hasn´t been very successful this year though, but – something tells me we are going to see his starqualities this time. He sometimes have a bit of gait problems that stops him from winning. He is strong as a bull, and if he trot well on saturday he will be hard to beat for everyone here. He loves every post except for post 1.

8 SEABISCUIT* (FI) g. 7 Kontio Jorma (Nur Ti)

If he is able to race without shoes he might be a sensational winner here. Post 8 isn´t the greatest position, but if everything turns out his way and he gets an overpaced race he is in the game.

9 OASIS BI (IT) s. 6 Goop Björn (Pet SP)

He looked fantastic one month ago in The Hugo Åbergs Memorial when Goop gave him a nice railtrip, got out and delivered a fiery finish. It looks like he will get a good trip this time aswell, and if he gets out a bit earlier this time…….watch out!

10 CANAKA B.F. m. 7 Ohlsson Ulf (Lil Re)

This ironladywill  normally have a hard time against these horses. She has a good heart though, and if you are looking for a longshot here – she might be the one. Driver is great too.




Sundsvall Open Trot – former winners

1996 His Majesty (Ideal du Gazeau) (FR)Torbjörn Jansson 13,6a

600 000

1997 Scandal Play (Super Play) (US)Bo Eklöf 13,5a

600 000

1998 Zoogin (Zoot Suit)Åke Svanstedt 14,6a

600 000

1999 Remington Crown (Lord Of All) (US)J Verbeeck 13,0a

700 000

2000 Victory Tilly (Quick Pay) (US)Stig H Johansson 12,7a

700 000

2001 Victory Tilly (Quick Pay) (US)Stig H Johansson 12,2a

700 000

2002 Victory Tilly (Quick Pay) (US)Stig H Johansson 12,1a

700 000

2003 Gidde Palema (Alf Palema) (US)Åke Svanstedt 13,5a

700 000

2004 Infant du Bossis (FR) (And Arifant) (FR)Örjan Kihlström 12,0a

700 000

2005 Spring Ray (Gentle Star) (NO)Björn Goop 12,7a

1 000 000

2006 Giant Diablo (Supergill) (US)Örjan Kihlström 12,5a

1 000 000

2007 Giant Superman (Giant Force) (US)Fredrik B Larsson 12,7a

1 000 000

2008 Triton Sund (Viking Kronos) (IT)Örjan Kihlström 11,6a

1 000 000

2009 Commander Crowe (Juliano Star) (FR)Peter Ingves 12,1a

1 000 000

2010 Lisa America (IT) (Varenne) (IT)Torbjörn Jansson 12,2a

1 000 000

2011 Joke Face (Viking Kronos) (IT)Erik Adielsson 11,7a

1 000 000

2012 Sebastian K. (Korean) (FR) Åke Svanstedt 11,6a

1 000 000
2013 Panne De Moteur (Credit Winner) (US)  Örjan Kihlstrom 10,9a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            1 000 000
 link to Sundsvall Open Trot 2013 race, where Panne De Moteur wins, Sebastian K. second:

Solvalla Jubileumspokalen – 5-year-olds (Gr I – UET Masters Series) 1:A PRIS 1 000 000, 2140 A

wednesday august 20th 2014



Solvalla race 11,

1 BEER SUMMIT (US) Ohlsson Ulf/ trainer: Salmela Petri
brown stallion Cantab Hall – Prime Mistress/Super Bowl
bred by Peninsula Farm Inc
42 11-7-7 3 900 064 kr


Leaves fast behind the gate. Ulf Ohlsson is one of the swedish top-drivers. I´ll guess he tries to keep 2 Magic Tonight parked outside, to await 7 B.B.S.Sugarlight who is likely to be offensive early on.
His chances to win is not very good as I see it – but a solid trio chance from this perfect post position for this contender.

2 MAGIC TONIGHT (US) Kihlström Örjan/ trainer: Walmann Roger
darkbrown stallion Andover Hall – Miss Possessed/Self Possessed
bred by Libfeld Al & Katz Marvin, Canada
46 15-10-3 5 757 316 kr


Coming from north-america last season this horse has showed more and more of his great abilities. He has got the speed, he can leave fast and he always lays good in the hand of the driver. He draw a good post position here and he will probably be one of the favourites to win. Still I believe the always clever Kihlström might get in to some trouble here, if he gets parked outside by Ohlsson – it is not granted that Ohlsson will park B.B.S. Sugarlight too – when he arrives. That might leave Magic Tonight two-wide without a helmet to follow. In that scenario I don´t think he´s good enough to take down the leader over the homestretch. If Magic Tonight can clear for the lead early, I dont think Kihlström tries to park B.B.S.Sugarlight, cos if he does – he wont be able to rest anywhere in the race.


3 CLAES BOKO Adielsson Erik/ trainer:Johansson Stig H
brown stallion Varenne – Salma Boko/Express Ride
bred by Annemanna AB, Ekerö, Sweden
28 13-6-0 1 711 500 kr

Wellbred Claes Boko might be a bit of a dark horse here. He has got the heart to win, no doubt. If he has got the legs for this kind of top-contenders is yet to be proven. I wouldn´t be shocked if he wins, but realisticly – if he gets a good trip – he might be among the three. Adielson is the kind of intelligent driver that make profit from others mistakes – so, you always have to watch out for him.


4 SUPPORT JUSTICE* (NO)Gundersen Geir Vegard
brown stallion Kadabra – Artisane/Lindy Lane
bred by Hansen Ronnie, Norway
23 16-3-1 3 732 895 kr


This Norwegian born son of Kadabra might not be the fastest to leave the gate, but his speed when it´s homestretch-time is great. I´ll guess he will be one of the favourites in this magnificent race. He is not my first pick, but I would never leave him out.


5 THAI BROADWAY* (NO) Austevoll Gunnar/trainer: Andersen Trond
brown stallion Broadway Hall – Sabella Knick/Tap In
bred by Bergslien Siv Teigen, Norway
38 16-6-3 3 734 844 kr

thai broadway

This Norwegian horse is wellknown in Sweden and as a contender in this race, of course it is a good horse. I would be surprised if he wins though, more likely he is among the ones who fights for a smaller check here.


6 STELTON* (DK) Goop Björn/ trainer:Juel Jeppe
darkbrown gelding Dream Vacation – Nanuet´s Crown/Speedy Crown
bred by Juel Niels, Denmark
26 17-2-3 2 450 353 kr


I have to admit I am very impressed by this Danish gelding. The fact that Björn Goop is in the bike this time doesn´t hurt either. I believe Stelton is up for his hardest task ever here – still I think he might be the winner if he gets the right trip. “The right trip”  is – a good helmet to trail at the backstretch after an overpaced first round where Goop doesn´t make an early move. In that scenario he can definitely win. Even if it is a bit of a longshot he is my first pick here!


7 B.B.S.SUGARLIGHT* Untersteiner Peter/ trainer:Solberg Fredric
black gelding Super Light – Sugarsweet Sid/Sugarcane Hanover
bred by Karlsson Konny, Sweden
53 15-10-6 1 604 451 kr


Wow! This horse is one of the two fairy-tales in this race. He started out as an ordinary horse, but developed into pure stardom. He made a break just after the start in a race at the elitlopp weekend this year, but trotted a fantastic race after that. He has been amazing the whole season. He seems confident at the homestretch no matter how hard Untersteiner have used him the first part of the race. This is a true champ that gives all he has everytime on the track. You have to love this horse. Post 7, far up on the banked track might cause him to use a bit too much to get a good position, that is why he won´t be my first pick here. I won´t be a bit surprised though, if he clears to an early lead and keeps his brave head first over the finish line. I haven´t seen the limits of this one yet.


8 PORTHOS AMOK Lennartsson Per/ trainer: Melander Stefan
brown stallion Orlando Vici – Baroness Amok/Pine Chip
bred by Bermsjö Ulrich, Sweden
43 6-10-6 2 856 292 kr

porthos amok

From a more or less hopeless post behind the gate Porthos Amok doesn´t have an easy task here. It is a good horse with great stamina, but still he will fight for getting the smallest check this time. IF there will be some early breaks on his contender fellows, AND it will too much pace the first 1000m, he might be in for a bigger check. A real longshot though…


9 TIME MACHINE Westholm Jörgen
darkbrown stallion Super Arnie – Union Highness/Pythagoras
bred by Black Type Breeders KB, Sweden
34 11-2-5 1 070 000 kr


When this son of Super Arnie is at his best, he is a real tough horse with a big heart. He got a good post position, driver/trainer Westholm can choose between following the helmet of 1 or 2. He wasnt smashing the last time he raced, but I suspect they will take his shoes off now – and its another horse then. I expect him to do a strong race this time. He will be in my quinella.


10 JEPPAS MAXI Jansson Torbjörn/ trainer:Ekström Robert
darkbrown gelding Varenne – Absolutely Perfect/Balanced Image
bred by Robert & Pia Ekström, Åland
9 8-0-1 609 897 kr

Jeppas Maxi

Fairy-tale horse number two in this race. Only nine starts in his life so far. Bred, trained and owned by Ekström, Åland – which is an island that belongs to Finland out in the Baltic Sea. Sometimes this horse seems to have some gait problems during the warm ups, but in the races he gets it all together. The horse usually don´t lose any races – this time the contenders are a lot better than the kind he normally beats. I am not gonna use him in my quinella, but who knows? We haven´t seen his limit yet – he might win again…


11 STANDOUT Campbell John/ trainer: Melander Stefan
brown stallion Ganymede – Ebony D.K./Royal Troubador
bred by Junge Trav KB, Sweden
31 10-7-1 2 430 700 kr


He was a bit of a disappointment last time when he cleared for an early lead and got beaten by Claes Boko. Trainer Melander might wake him up better for this race. It will be nice to see John D.Campbell at Solvalla again. Standout might be interesting in a quinella for those who believe Melander will be able to wake him up.


12 MOSAIQUE FACE Kolgjini Lutfi
darkbrown stallion Classic Photo – Iona L.B./Supergill
bred by Kolgjini Lutfi & Svensson Anna, Sweden
35 12-10-1 6 524 230 kr

Foto: Jörgen Tufvesson ALN  Jägersro 130901 Svensk TravDerby 2013

I think this son of Classic Photo already has shown he is one of the future stars in Sweden. Most things went wrong at the Hugo Åbergs for Kolgjini´s warrior – hopefully he gets it right this time. This horse is all about heart and pure fighting spirit. Post 12 is no easy draw, but I won´t be surprised if he´s in the photo. Watch out! Quinella-material for sure.


Åby Stora Pris 2014 saturday august 16th

The Åby track is located in Molndal, south of Gothemburg at the west coast of Sweden. It is a 1000m track with double openstretch paths at the home stretch. Åby Stora Pris is an international Group I race in two heats with the same horses/drivers. Post positions are switched for the second heat. If the same horse wins both heats, that horse is the overall winner. If the heats have different winners, there will be a third heat just between the winners.


heat 1

Åby Stora Pris – Heat (Gr. I Int. – UET Masters Series)
1:A PRIS 400 000,  1640  A
1 REVEN D’AMOUR stallion 9 Goop Björn (Lar FB) 09,9a
Revenue-Melody d´Amour/Super Arnie  77  21-7-6   6 341 336 In 2010, as a five-year-old, Reven d´Amour was second in the Maple Leaf´s and third in Nat Ray Trot at Meadowlands. He was a promising colt, since then he´s been having his ups and downs but this year he seems to have come back strongly. Excellent driver Bjorn Goop will make a powerful team with this horse from an interesting post position in the first heat behind the gate. Someone to watch! 


2 SURPRISE LORD* (FINLAND) stallion 8 Kontio Jorma (Lin Ka)a 09,9a
Classic Response-Beauty Bro/Arnaqueur  64  21-15-2   2 471 483 This is a bit of a “dark horse” in the first heat. Second behind Reven d´Amour at Mikkeli track, Finland – where he had a much tougher trip than the winner. Jorma Kontio, the driver – is a living legend with over 10 000 wins.surprise lord
3 JOKE FACE stallion 8 Kolgjini Lutfi 10,3a
Viking Kronos-Kalmie Melody/Full Account  41  21-2-5   7 231 968 The Swedish Derbywinner 2010 is an impressive horse when he is on four healthy feet. His career has been up and down, with injuries that stopped him from time to time. If he is at his best, he can beat anybody here. Only one race this year so far when he won against Solvato. 

joke face

4 JULIANO RAGS* (NORWAY) stallion 6 Braekken Noralf 09,3a
Juliano Star-Julia Rags/Super Arnie  50  14-9-5   2 066 800 Wellknown in Sweden, this norweigian stallion have been racing quite good against the top scandinavian trotters. From post four in the first heat he might be interesting for those who is looking for a longshot.Juliano_Rags
5 COMMANDER CROWE gelding 11 Kihlström Örjan (Sou Fa) 08,9a
Juliano Star-Somack/Mack Lobell  99  58-16-6   31 210 516 This old champ doesn´t need a presentation. He did a strong race in Hugo Åbergs memorial and now he gets one of the best drivers in the world and draw a good post number in both heats. It is not impossible there won´t be a third heat. He might win them both. 


6 QUID PRO QUO stallion 5 Adielsson Erik (Båt Sv) 11,0a
Yankee Glide-Hostage/Express Ride  33  11-9-8  4 640 760 As a winner of Sprintermästaren 2013 this five-year-old has already shown he is good for two heats the same day. As a three-year-old he won the Orsi Magnelli in Milano, Italy. Erik Adielsson, one of the top Scandinavian drivers makes sure he gets his chances here. 


7 OBI WAN* (DENMARK) gelding 8 Jensen Flemming 09,7a
Ganymede-Hejsa Reerstrup/Speedy Herve  53  17-9-6  2 203 099 Danish “horsewhisper” Flemming Jensen is an excellent trainer and a driver with a style of his own. They call him “The Iceman” – he is all calm in the bike and let his horse do the job. When Flemming crossing the border and leaving Denmark it is no holiday trip. This guy always means serious business. Watch out…


8 SOLVATO (USA) stallion 5 Heiskanen Veijo   09,9a


Donato Hanover-Solveig/Yankee Glide   41 10-6-7    4 702 341


This american born stallion has shown he is one of the best horses in Sweden this year. Åby is his home track and he will probably be one of the favourites here. Post eight in the first heat and post one in the second is a nightmare for trainer Heiskanen because the horse is a slow starter and will probably get some traffic problems here.






Heat 2

Åby Stora Pris – Heat (Gr. I Int. – UET Masters Series)
1:A PRIS 400 000,  1640  A
1 SOLVATO (USA) stallion 5 Heiskanen Veijo
2 OBI WAN* (DENMARK) gelding 8 Jensen Flemming
3 QUID PRO QUO stallion 5 Adielsson Erik (Båt Sv)
4 COMMANDER CROWE gelding 11 Kihlström Örjan (Sou Fa)
5 JULIANO RAGS* (NORWAY) stallion 6 Braekken Noralf
6 JOKE FACE stallion 8 Kolgjini Lutfi
7 SURPRISE LORD* (FINLAND) stallion 8 Kontio Jorma (Lin Ka)a
8 REVEN D’AMOUR stallion 9 Goop Björn (Lar FB)


year winner driver trainer second third
2013 Sebastian K. Jorma Kontio Åke Svanstedt Save The Quick
2012 Sebastian K. Åke Svanstedt Åke Svanstedt
2011 Rapide Lebel Eric Raffin Sebastien Gurato
2010 Lisa America Torbjörn Jansson Jerry Riordan Torvald Palema Beanie M.M.
2009 Torvald Palema Åke Svanstedt Åke Svanstedt
2008 Garland Kronos Lutfi Kolgjini Lutfi Kolgjini
2007 Giant Superman Fredrik B. Larsson Fredrik B. Larsson
2006 Red Chili Pirat Örjan Kihlström Patrik Södervall
2005 Gidde Palema Åke Svanstedt Åke Svanstedt
2004 Steinlager Per Oleg Midtfjeld Per Oleg Midtfjeld Infant Du Bossis Giant Superman
2003 Gidde Palema Åke Svanstedt Åke Svanstedt Couch Doctor Scarlet Knight
2002 Victory Tilly Stig H. Johansson Stig H. Johansson Legendary Lover K. Etain Royal
2001 Etain Royal Jorma Kontio Pirjo Vauhkonen Com Hector Victory Tilly
2000 Victory Tilly Stig H. Johansson Stig H. Johansson Frisky Frazer Gidde Palema
1999 General du Pommeau Jules Lepennetier Jules Lepennetier Indian Silver Rite On Line
1998 Rite On Line Atle Hamre Atle Hamre Ezira Josselyn Zoogin
1997 Gentle Star Gunleif Tollefsen Gunleif Tollefsen Rite On Line Zoogin
1996 Zoogin Åke Svanstedt Åke Svanstedt His Majesty Abo Volo
1995 Zoogin Åke Svanstedt Åke Svanstedt Copiad His Majesty
1994 Houston Laukko Jorma Kontio Pekka Yli-Houhala Copiad Sea Cove
1993 Queen L. Stig H. Johansson Stig H. Johansson Sea Cove Nordin Hanover
1992 Sea Cove Jos Verbeeck Harald Grendel Kosar Somollison
1991 Prince Mystic Atle Hamre Atle Hamre Peace Corps Nordin Hanover
1990 Reve d’Udon Yves Dreux Bernard Desmontils Jet Ribb Red Rhone
1989 Quellou Pierre Levesque Pierre Levesque Napoletano Lord Quick
1988 Ourasi Jean René Gougeon Jean René Gougeon Jet Ribb Mack the Knife
1987 Jet Ribb Hans G. Eriksson Per-Erik Eriksson Big Spender Grades Singing
1986 Utah Bulwark Stig H. Johansson Stig H. Johansson Grades Singing Hallon Brunn
1985 Minou du Donjon Olle Goop Jean Lou Peupion Ellizar H. Noble Atout
1984 The Onion Stig H. Johansson Stig H. Johansson Legolas Shane T. Hanover
1983 Legolas Thomas Nilsson Thomas Nilsson Snack Bar Ideal du Gazeau
1982 Ideal du Gazeau Eugene Lefevre Eugene Lefevre Nino Blazing Keystone Patriot
1981 Ideal du Gazeau Eugene Lefevre Eugene Lefevre Mustard Dartster F.
1980 Express Gaxe Gunnar Axelryd Gunnar Axelryd Lionel Minbar Ianthin
1979 Hadol du Vivier Jean René Gougeon Jean René Gougeon Petite Evander Tarok
1978 Charme Assendal Heikki Korpi Timo Eve Express Gaxe Petite Evander
1977 Micko Tilly Olle Lindqvist Olle Lindqvist Opal H. Duke Iran
1976 Dines P. Michel Feuillet Michel Marcel Gougeon Arbont Clissa
1975 cancelled
1974 Knabe Olle Goop Air France Lyon
1973 Bill D. André L. Dreux Atout du Moulin Emter W
1972 Lyon Olle Elfstrand Flight Chap Big Lama
1971 Harper Arrow Lennart Stjernlöf Unor Flight Chap
1970 Lyon Olle Elfstrand I S. Un Gaillard
1969 Fairland Uno Swed Toréador II Near Me
1968 Pulemjot Stig H. Nilsson Monte Hill Golden Will
1967 Lill Mavil Svenning Eriksson Rodney Key Big Lama
1966 Orlof Algot Scott Moneymaker Rodney Key
1965 Pluvier III Gunnar Nordin Petite Amoy F Elaine Rodney
1964 Frances Nibs Olle Andersson Emigrant Julienne
1963 Oscar R.L. Henri Levesque Julienne Metro Star
1962 Aprilsnar Kaj Hansen Rangoon Amit H
1961 Kracovie Raoul Vercruysse King Bunter Direktiv
1960 Hairos II Willem H. Geersen
1959 Icare IV Walter Baroncini
1958 Io d’Amour Eddie Freundt
1957 Gelinotte Charlie Mills
1956 Gelinotte Charlie Mills
1955 Ejadon Johannes Frömming
1954 Mac Kinley Willem H. Geersen
1953 Scotch Tistle Vicenti Ossani
1952 Iran Scott Carl A. Schoug
1951 Iran Scott Carl A. Schoug
1950 Frances Bulwark Sören Nordin Sören Nordin
1949 Scotch Fez Sören Nordin
1948 Locomotive Gunnar Nordin
1947 Optimist Gösta Nordin
1946 Justus Sören Nordin
1945 Dieter Asa Stig Karlsson
1944 Exklusiv Gösta Nordin
1943 Volburn Gösta Nordin
1942 Trumps Ragnar Thorngren
1941 Big Noon Gösta Nordin
1940 Craftsman Oscar Persson
1939 Harper Hanover Oscar Persson
1938 Escape Ragnar Thorngren
1937 True Hanover Ragnar Thorngren
1936 Guy Montgomery P. Paul P. Nielsen

HAMBLETONIAN Musings – by Bachst Inn

« on: August 01, 2014, 03:39:32 PM »

As a wise man once quipped, golf is a beautiful walk ruined.  A wiser man once observed, chessplayers are a bunch of introverts who spend their entire lives convincing each other they are doing something important.  Well, here goes anyway.

1.     RESOLVE.  The weakest of the four-horse Takter armada but drew a post that should prove vital to a Father Patrick victory.  Overmatched and draws a very difficult post, but Corey will most definitely have his assignment and marching orders from … Nancy (lol).  I guess Nancy is every bit as much the trainer of this colt as Christina is the owner of world class trotters.  Monopoly is good.  Exotics toss.

2.     JJ ALEX.  Look for this one to float out early, allow the outside leavers to settle and then brush for command approaching the half mile mark, and then trotting off and winning for fun, only to be DQd.  Then look for the trainer-driver to wake up with night sweats.  Absurd seems completely inadequate.  Toss?

3.     DONCANGO.  The name does not rhyme with Tango, but should.  Look for horse and driver to cause problems early, the driver more than the horse,  but they will be taking up precious space around the first turn.  Colt is unlikely to hold onto any early upfront spot and is unlikely to close. Still, it’s Ake and I don’t think anyone who has been paying attention lately expects Ake to stay quiet out there. Bumper cars on the first turn, anyone?  This colt is sorely lacking in seasoning.  Exotics toss.

4.     DATSYUK.  Rhymes with Gadzook and has the best trainer-driver in the race.  The problems are twofold, and that’s setting aside the fact that he’s way behind his main competitors in seasoning, and so is his colt (lol).  Charlie’s not in Kansas now, and he’s going to have to bust out of there.  This is where the One Horse becomes vital to Team Takter.  Corey needs to show enough speed to carry this one into the backstretch, either hanging or tucking (that’s with a ‘t’) Ake.  If Chuck “Delta Force” Norris is allowed to cross over easily it may encourage him to sting Nuncio.  Father Patrick doesn’t like Nuncio, but then Ake doesn’t like Jimmy, and Jimmy loves Father Patrick and Nancy, and Nancy loves Marcus and so does Christina, but Jimmy prefers Corey and so does Trixton but … Yeeesh!!   Anyway, if the colts stay trotting, this first turn is going to be loads of fun and very crowded.  If good ol’ Charlie wets his pants around that first turn and tries his best “Brian Sears” imitation, his colt is toast.  Using in Tri’s and Sup’s but hoping we can beat him in the 3-hole for value.

5.     NUNCIO.  Drew well and should be on Datsyuk’s helmet until that one clears. That seems easy enough but this is Campbell.  He’s lost much of his upper body strength to time and injury, and once Father Patrick clears to the lead that loss will be a problem.  I envision Gingras trying to rate the pace on the far turn, likely denying Nuncio the favor of being free and clear down the homestretch.  With Trixton coming to call in the two path, finding a lane may be difficult for Campbell. Using in Tri’s and Sup’s, but he and Datsyuk are the two I will be trying to beat.  I don’t like trotters from the pocket after they had to battle to get there.  They tend to lose interest as their biggest asset, momentum, is lost.  His summary is without fault, though.

6.     ROYAL ICE.  “I know nothing.”  What a betting coups last week, huh?  Trond lives!  Ronnie drives for Jimmy,  Trond likes Jimmy,  Ronnie doesn’t like Johnny and Johnny doesn’t like Ronnie.  So?  This practically unraced colt just broke his maiden last week.  My gut feeling tells me this horse is in so that his owner can get preferred parking and a Hambletonian table (lol).  I’m using in Tri’s and Sup’s but more for it’s defensive play.  I just can’t see Trond messing up Takter on that first turn.  He can’t win if he busts out against Nuncio and Patsy, so what good would it serve?  Stay out of the way and pick up a check … seems logical.

7.     TRIXTON.   Gets the second best trainer-driver in the field … also gets a slimeball cheat.  Welcome to the 2014 Hambletonian.  Unless there is a drastic change in the status quo,  it looks like Jimmy will have to let Patsy cross over in front of him.  His other choice is to follow in line behind Nuncio but that stacks Patsy up pretty good, and that is even assuming I’m correct that Royal Ice gets out of the way.  If Ron puts Royal Ice into the flow, we’re going to have a Hambo to remember.  This is where the weak link comes back into play.  You know … “Nancy’s” colt.  Nancy loves Jimmy and … never mind.  If indeed there is a cavalry charge into the backstretch, Corey can make room for Trixton until the dust (or mud) settles.  That at least puts Patsy a length and a half closer to the lead if Gingras has to make a 3-wide brush down the back.  I just can’t see Trixton being worse than second in this field.  Using with Patsy in a quinella top in Tri’s and Sup’s.

8.     Il SOGNO DREAM.  Silly name.  The Dream Dream?  That’s what Del Cid had.  Anyway, I’m using in Tri’s and Sup’s.  The colt has been trotting well and Aaron can get some money if he can stay close to Trixton’s helmet.  I may well be overreaching here, but if Nuncio or Datsyuk just can’t get there, somebody is going to fill the empty slot.  This field starts to narrow sharply after the top-rated four and this thing has been very consistent.  It may be just enough to steal a check.

9.     HARPER BLUE CHIP.  This guy was the biggest casualty of the open draw.  A sires stakes type, he stood a chance at a check if he drew well.  Sylvain said “no, thank you” and Brian graciously agreed to take him around the track and back home safely.  This guy doesn’t seem able to close and Brian sure as hell ain’t leaving from there.  Exotics toss.  Just figures to be too far back with lots of traffic.

10.    FATHER PATRICK.   He’s Jimmy’s favorite son and that should seal the deal.  He may well have to suck up one butt-ugly first turn and may have to ride a helmet for a ways, but once he clears … who’s coming?  Do you think Johnny Boy is going to bounce back at him?  Is Delta Force going to?  Doesn’t seem likely.  Second and third money is real good in here, and anyone close enough to consider a retake has most likely been used good already.  Gingras is the wild card in here.  He is still capable of some really awful decisions, and he’ll get his chance again, but a “good” Gingras steer should get him the money.  Using as a quinella top with Trixton in Tri’s and Sup’s.

11.     DON DORADO.  This guy may well turn out to be my underneath key.  He drew a useful post, should be able to stay close to Corey, and I look for Tim to slip out the back, jack, and pick up a good check.  His last race looked to me like an old-school courtesy of a prepping 3 year old not taking down the win pot in an overnighter.  All his races have been good and he’s in a useful spot. Somebody somewhere is likely to get hurt upfront and this one is in the perfect spot to capitalize.  I definitely can see him trotting past a tired Datsyuk in deep stretch, if not a lost-interest Nuncio. Using in Tri’s and Sup’s for sure.

I really do not expect Trixton to beat Father Patrick for reasons stated elsewhere, but if the agenda has changed since the Stanley Dancer I don’t want to be left empty-handed.  Also, it’s not likely I’ll be playing all five underneath picks in tri’s as the value won’t be there.  I usually limit that bet to three underneath.  Sup’s, however, will be 2x 5 x 4.   Enjoy the race, rain or shine.

Saturday picks July 26th 2014 Bollnäs racetrack

(race 5) 1640a

(race 6)2140v/60v/80v

(race 7) 2140a

(race 8)1640a

(race 9) 2140v/60v

(race 10) 2140a

(race 11)


Hugo Åbergs Memorial july 29th 2014

Hugo Åbergs Memorial 2014 – (Gr. I Int. – UET Masters Series)
1:A PRIS 1 000 000, 1609 A


1 TRUCULENT (US) h 7 Takter Johnny (Nil LI)

2 OCCHIONE JET* (IT) h 6 Adielsson Erik (Joh SH)

3 ORECCHIETTI h 7 Kihlström Örjan (Hul St)

4 ED YOU v 7 Bergh Robert

5 COMMANDER CROWE v 11 Bakker Robin (Sou Fa)

6 UN MEC D’HERIPRE* (FR) h 6 Nivard Franck (Sou Fa)

7 OASIS BI (IT) h 6 Goop Björn (Pet SP)

8 MR PICOLIT h 7 Jansson Torbjörn (Eng Ra)

9 MAGIC TONIGHT (US) h 5 Untersteiner Johan (Wal Ro)

10 MOSAIQUE FACE h 5 Kolgjini Lutfi


The Hugo Åbergs Memorial 2014 once again presents the two-times winner Commander Crowe. This beautiful horse is eleven years old now, and can look back on a marvellous career in harness racing where he have earned $4,6 million dollars. I don´t believe he is as good as he once was, but according to the owner – he should be well and healthy. He can´t compete in France no more, since 10 years of age is the limit for racing there.

In Sweden they can race until 12 years of age (10 for mares).


Commander Crowe


1 Truculent, Johnny Takter
stallion b.2007 Revenue – Heaven Tonight/Victory Dream

The 2014 elitlopp-contender Truculent can leave real fast and from post one Johnny Takter aims for an early lead. Last race on Tingsryd´s mile-track he wasn´t that impressive (preparé?), but we have seen him a lot better – and this race is at this home track. He is a serious threat to anybody in this race.

39 20-4-5 1 965 594 kr *14,1m *09,5ak *12,6am *15,6al
2014 6 3-1-0 550 000 kr *09,5ak
2013 1 1-0-0 35 000 kr *13,7am
2012 13 7-1-1 1 036 608 kr *14,7m *11,0ak
2011 15 8-2-4 315 986 kr *14,1m 12,1ak
2010 4 1-0-0 28 000 kr 17,4m 16,6am

2 Occhione Jet, Erik Adielsson
stallion b.2008 Pine Chip – Estella Jet/Supergill

Injured last year, before that –  this Italian born Pine Chip-stallion trained by legendary Stig H. Johansson showed some promising talents. Four starts this year without causing any cheers, but – I wouldn´t be surprised if he is ready to rumble now. One to watch!
29 13-5-1 4 451 918 kr 10,8ak
2014 4 0-2-0 67 500 kr 10,8ak
2013 2 1-1-0 514 516 kr 11,7am
2012 9 5-0-1 693 017 kr *11,2ak
2011 9 3-2-0 2 274 703 kr *12,3ak
2010 5 4-0-0 902 182 kr *15,6ak

3 Orecchietti, Örjan Kihlström
stallion b.2007 From Above – Canneloni/Mack Lobell

This horse can beat anybody when he is healthy and at his best. He can leave fast, but races well even  from behind. He´s got the speed for sure and if the first three quarters fast he can use his speed to win.
38 19-2-3 4 352 860 kr 14,2k 16,4m 09,5ak *11,4am 12,7al
2014 3 2-0-0 250 000 kr 10,7ak
2013 8 4-0-1 528 000 kr 10,4ak
2012 8 2-0-0 1 035 000 kr 09,5ak
2011 5 3-1-0 1 690 860 kr 10,5ak
2010 14 8-1-2 849 000 kr 14,2k *13,5ak

4 Ed You, Robert Bergh
gelding b.2007 Love You – Lancia Brick/Super Arnie

This seven-year-old Love You gelding is trained by Robert Bergh and owned by Vancouver hocksy-twins Henrik & Daniel Sedin. If that ring some bells it is the same crew as for the Elitlopp-winner (2013) Nahar. Ed You might not be the kind of celebrity Nahar is. Yet. But this horse is usually underrated by almost anyone everytime. This horse is a tanks, and a true warrior that gives his best performance everytime. The better competitors, the better he is. Trainer Bergh is also someone to always watch when the pricechecks are big. His done it before and can do it again.
57 21-3-5 2 220 685 kr *15,6m *13,3l 10,5ak *11,9am *14,7al
2014 7 2-0-0 508 726 kr *13,3l 10,5ak
2013 15 3-1-2 620 959 kr 13,9l *10,8ak
2012 12 4-2-2 470 000 kr 11,7ak
2011 13 7-0-1 495 000 kr *16,8l 12,3ak
2010 10 5-0-0 126 000 kr *15,6m 15,8al

5 Commander Crowe, Robin Bakker
gelding b.2003 Juliano Star – Somack/Mack Lobell

This legendary horse won this race 2012 and 2013. He is not getting younger and I doubt he will win this year. On the other hand, with this 58 times-winner-superstar-horse nothing is impossible.                                                                                                                                                         98 58-16-6 31 160 516 kr *11,4m 11,9l *08,9ak *11,5am 13,2al 09,6aak
2014 3 2-1-0 365 578 kr *12,7am
2013 16 4-5-0 3 068 739 kr 12,6l 10,4ak
2012 14 9-2-2 11 548 056 kr *08,9ak
2011 13 6-1-2 5 263 485 kr 12,2l *08,9ak
2010 11 4-2-1 1 910 460 kr *11,4m 10,6ak

6 Un Mec d’Heripré, Franck Nivard
stallion b.2008 Orlando Vici – I Love You Darling/Buvetier d’Aunou

This french six-year-old  is already a worldclass horse if you ask me. He is probably going to be the favourite in this race. Got off-stride at the homestretch in Oslo Grand Prix, but seeking his revenge here. He will be hard to beat for anybody here.
27 15-3-3 7 580 713 kr *10,3am

Date Rg Cat. Alloc. Hippodrome C Dist. Spé. Fer. Réd. Km
12/07/14 2 95 000€ Enghien Soisy G 2 150m Attelé 1’11″3 lire
22/06/14 1 200 000€ Vincennes G 2 100m Attelé 1’10″7 lire
08/06/14 0 352 532€ Nor-Bjerke – 2 100m Attelé
23/05/14 1 90 000€ Vincennes G 2 100m Attelé 1’11″2 lire
29/09/13 1 150 000€ Vincennes G 2 100m Attelé 1’10″5 lire
14/09/13 5 240 000€ Vincennes G 3 000m Monté 1’14″9 lire
31/08/13 5 240 000€ Vincennes G 3 000m Attelé Déferré des 4 fers 1’12″7 lire
19/08/13 1 120 000€ Vincennes G 2 700m Attelé 1’13″7 lire
27/07/13 1 80 000€ Enghien Soisy G 2 150m Attelé 1’12″7 lire
18/02/13 4 120 000€ Vincennes G 2 700m Attelé 1’12″7 lire
07/02/13 2 120 000€ Vincennes G 2 175m Attelé 1’12″2 lire
27/01/13 D 1 000 000€ Vincennes G 2 700m Attelé Déferré des 4 fers lire
12/01/13 1 120 000€ Vincennes G 2 850m Attelé 1’14″4 lire
23/12/12 1 240 000€ Vincennes G 2 100m Attelé Déferré des 4 fers 1’10″3 lire
09/12/12 1 120 000€ Vincennes G 2 700m Attelé 1’15″0 lire
24/11/12 3 95 000€ Vincennes G 2 700m Attelé 1’14″0 lire
26/10/12 3 85 000€ Vincennes G 2 850m Attelé 1’15″6 lire
05/05/12 2 240 000€ Vincennes – 2 850m Attelé Déferré des postérieurs 1’13″1 lire
27/04/12 1 70 000€ Vincennes – 2 700m Attelé 1’13″3 lire
17/04/12 1 52 000€ Vincennes – 2 850m Attelé 1’15″2 lire
17/12/11 1 58 000€ Vincennes – 2 700m Attelé 1’15″3 lire
10/12/11 D 46 000€ Vincennes – 2 850m Attelé lire
01/12/11 3 61 000€ Vincennes – 2 700m Attelé 1’15″2 lire
18/11/11 1 36 000€ Vincennes G 2 850m Attelé 1’15″6 lire
01/11/11 1 33 000€ Vincennes G 2 100m Attelé 1’14″9 lire
16/05/11 1 19 000€ Caen D 2 200m Attelé 1’16″0
08/05/11 1 12 000€ Le Mans G 2 300m Attelé 1’17″2

7 Oasis Bi, Björn Goop

stallion b.2008 Toss Out – Up Front JM/Self Possessed                                                                                                                                                             This six-year-old italian born Toss Out-stallion probably needs a rail-trip to be able to win. He has an excellent speed and an excellent driver, Still, it´s a longshot to win.

39 12-9-3 3 907 461 kr 17,6k 14,5m 10,5ak 12,4am 14,4al
2014 8 2-1-2 1 435 666 kr 10,5ak
2013 6 1-2-0 438 000 kr 12,4ak
2012 12 3-3-1 927 346 kr 14,5m 11,1ak
2011 6 3-0-0 498 000 kr 13,3ak
2010 7 3-3-0 608 449 kr 17,6k 15,4ak


8 Mr Picolit, Torbjörn Jansson
stallion b.2007 Scarlet Knight – Good Enough/Mr Vic

From post eight, this former Svanstedt-trotter needs luck – if he will get an optimal race, he might maybe be among the three at the finish. Big longshot though.
42 19-5-3 3 584 486 kr 13,5m 10,2ak *11,7am 15,8al
2014 7 1-2-0 191 300 kr 10,7ak
2013 7 3-1-2 1 844 986 kr 13,5m 10,2ak
2012 8 5-1-1 798 500 kr *12,2am
2011 10 5-1-0 521 500 kr *12,1ak
2010 10 5-0-0 228 200 kr 16,9m 15,5am

9 Magic Tonight, Johan Untersteiner
stallion b.2009 Andover Hall – Miss Possessed/Self Possessed

This american import has really done well this year and the helmet of Truculent´s Johnny Takter might give him a smooth trip. Definitely one to lookout for here.
45 15-9-4 5 475 831 kr *09,3ak *11,6am 10,0aak
2014 7 4-0-2 1 273 985 kr *09,3ak
2013 16 5-5-1 1 273 489 kr *10,1aak
2012 15 3-2-1 2 257 262 kr 10,0aak
2011 7 3-2-0 671 095 kr *11,6aak

10 Mosaique Face, Lutfi Kolgjini
stallion b.2009 Classic Photo – Iona L.B./Supergill

Doesn´t look like a superstar, but he acts like one. There are lots of faster trotters than this five-year-old Classic Photo-stallion but none with an “eye of the tiger” like him. Post 10 isnt a lucky spot for him though, and offensive trainer/driver Kolgjini probably send him forward early on. I guess that will be too much, even for this fantastic horse. If he gets a good trip (but I cant see how…) he might be in the photo.
34 12-10-1 6 524 230 kr *14,6m 15,4l *09,5ak *10,8am *12,4al
2014 8 3-2-0 1 780 030 kr *09,5ak
2013 13 4-3-1 4 261 700 kr 15,4l *10,8am
2012 13 5-5-0 482 500 kr *14,6m 12,3ak
2011 0 0-0-0 0 kr


The winners of Hugo Åbergs Memorial through the years:

2013 Commander Crowe Örjan Kihlström
2012 Commander Crowe Christophe Martens
2011 Lavec Kronos Erik Adielsson
2010 Lavec Kronos Lutfi Kolgjini
2009 Torvald Palema Åke Svanstedt
2008 L’Amiral Mauzun Jean Michel Bazire
2007 Oiseau de Feux Jean Michel Bazire
2006 Citation Erik Adielsson
2005 Gidde Palema Åke Svanstedt
2004 Gidde Palema Åke Svanstedt
2003 Revenue Lutfi Kolgjini
2002 Varenne Giampaolo Minucci
2001 Giesolo de Lou Jean-Etienne Dubois
2000 Victory Tilly Stig H Johansson
1999 Fridhems Ambra Stefan Söderkvist
1998 Rite on Line Atle Hamre
1997 Rite on Line Atle Hamre
1996 Zoogin Åke Svanstedt
1995 Houston Laukko Jorma Kontio
1994 Campo Ass Heinz Wewering
1993 Sea Cove Joseph Verbeeck
1992 Kosar Stig H Johansson
1991 Peace Corps Stig H Johansson
1990 Peace Corps Stig H Johansson
1989 Mack Lobell Veijo Heiskanen
1988 Callit Karl O Johansson
1987 Big Spender Berth Johansson
1986 Big Spender Berth Johansson
1985 Matiné Johnny Takter
1984 The Onion Stig H Johansson
1983 Speedy Magnus Olle Goop
1982 US Thor Viking Stig H Johansson
1981 Mustard Olle Goop
1980 Express Gaxe Gunnar Axelryd
1979 Express Gaxe Gunnar Axelryd
1978 Pershing Berndt Lindstedt
1977 Duke Iran Stig H Johansson
1976 Nick Scott Uno Sweed
1975 Judy Song Per-Olof Gustafsson
1974 Molnets Broder Åke Sundbeg
1973 Ego Boy Ingemar Olofsson
1972 Nobel Action Sören Nordin
1971 Atout du Moulin Gert Scherman
1970 Brogan Per-Olof Gustafsson

V75 Axevalla saturday picks July, 19th 2014

Big harness weekend coming up at Axevalla track.

Axevalla is a 1000m track with a 227m homestretch.


Subaruloppet – Bronsdivisionen, Elimination 5 in Meeting 5 (Final Åby 16 augusti) 2140A
If I remember correctly, I have been a Jeppas Maxi-fan everytime he´s made an appearance on V75. Not this time though. Odds are getting bad this time. Might be some traffic jam and three wide journey and he´s a horse and not a machine. There´s a few others to look out for.  My pick is Send In The Clowns.  Anders Svanstedt (yes, he´s the son of you-know-who…) can easily find a nice position in the race from post one.  He is not a very good driver yet, but this time it just might work out fine for him. He has got his fathers name to live up to, which I think usually puts down his performances on the track – but now on the home track Axevallas great weekend, I’m pretty sure he have had this race in mind for some good time. Optimal hoof-balance and an american bike sounds good. He also now realized that Send In The Clowns shouldnt go in the lead. Speedwise, he´s just as good as the favourite Jeppas Maxi who has a lot of ground to catch  from starting behind horses. Jörgen Westholm have a decent horse,  Acriter -probably also in good shape – so,  I guess he´s gonna aim for the lead, defend it and give Svanstedt Jr a nice tow. Then Send In The Clowns have a good chance get free space for his speed at the homestretch.




Axevallalöpning – Gulddivisionen 2640A
There is three great ones here. To get ahead of the rest and to win some ground you have to pick one.
My vote is 5 Digital Ink. As usual with the Melander stable information there a lot of smoke. He was racing well two months ago in the elitlopp elimination. Seemed to be too fired-up in his last appearance and made a break early on. Driver Örjan Kihlström knows what to do and wont get him stirred-up before the start. Driver Adielsson will try to get his 3 On Track Piraten to an early lead and I doubt that he is gonna park Digital Ink outside, Adielsson will settle with getting the tow from Kihlström/Digital Ink. 2 Solvato might have to do the job outside then. He´s a really good horse but I guess that ´ll be to hard for him to handle.

digital ink

The American theory why Åke Svanstedt horses do well on the track – by Yimmy, Chicago Barn To Wire

He does not abuse horses.  However, his traditional Swedish methods produce the toughest horses imaginable and are unknown to most of us on this side of the pond:1.  He makes them eat surstromming, after which everything else tastes good.  Hence they never go off their feed;

2.  He has them gaze at horrifying pictures of ghastly, alien-like creatures:

After this, nothing can scare them.

3.  He has them fight land wars with Finns– the toughest, bravest, most stoical warriors on earth.

4.  Following the negotiated armistice, he has the horses actually learn the Finnish language. Yes, spelling counts.

5.  Even more dauntingly, he will then have them try to engage Finns in actual conversation.  No human can do this.

6.  He then makes them watch depressing movies in which guys play chess with death.

7.  He builds their stamina by having them find their way out of an Ikea.  No mortal has ever been able to do so.

8.  He takes them to Sweden-Finland hockey games, has them wear blue and white, root loudly for Tuukka, and fight anyone who doesn’t have 37 vowels in his or her names.

He’s a tough man, but a fair one.